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the powers of touch

Neck Massage

body therapies.

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Classic massage style that focuses on relaxation. Using swift movements effleurage the body.

Light to Medium pressure. 

60 minutes $200 | 90 minutes $270

Tailored to the needs of pre- or post-delivery to relax tense muscles, ease sore spots, and improve circulation and mobility.


60 minutes $200 | 90 minutes $270


A California twist on a Hawaiian heritage massage technique. Loma-Loma embodies balance movement with a focus on lymphatic release. Medium pressure is applied from head to toe with a motion that resembles waves gently ebbing and flowing across the body, alongside areas of focus. 

60 minutes $220 | 90 minutes $285


CBD (Topical Cannabidiol)


Deeper massage style that focuses on pressure points, areas of muscle tension, and fascia tissues. 

Firm pressure, with additional focus on specific areas. 

60 minutes $220 | 90 minutes $290

Cause + Medic high-grade CBD massage oil. Deeply relieving, therapeutic, and anti-inflammatory benefits that have a cooling and invigorating effect on the skin for additional relief. 

60 minutes $220 | 90 minutes $290

Pamper your senses with warmed and natural Honey + Ginger. The combination of softly stimulating ginger and skin-calming honey extract with rich jojoba, coconut, and soy oil gives this unique treatment balancing and harmonious character. Naturally a "topical analgesic", as it relieves external pains, tensions, and has an anti-inflammatory, warming, nourishing, as it melts away muscle tension.

60 minutes $235
 | 90 minutes $300

*90-minute treatment includes healing bee propolis back mask

SENSES (Aroma)

Discovering what your body needs through intuitive senses: the offer of three blind aromatherapy options, relying on the option that your body feels called towards. 

Grounding / Geranium + Jasmine
Rest / Lavender + Ylang Ylang
Uplifting / Lemongrass + Lime

60 minutes $220 | 90 minutes $285

body enhancements


Warm, soothing rock lava stones that are warmed, ease away pain and deepen your bliss. 

$25 (no added time)


Feel the stress melt away within the souls of your feet.

$35 - 15 minutes 



Warm, salt stones gently exfoliate, energize, and tone the skin.
*Cold therapy stones optional*


$25 (no added time)

The wonderful natural powers of CBD ease the body's tension. Add to any massage or body wrap.

$30 (no added time)



Invigorating ocean salt scrub, Exfoliates dead skin

$30 - 15 minutes 

Refreshing and stimulating scalp massage using nourishing lemon olive oil treatment.

$35 - 15 minutes


Release, tone, and contour facial muscles.

$35 - 15 minutes

Mud Treatment

body mud wraps

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We use Bentonite Clay as our Mineral Mud base in all of our body wraps. Bentonite Clay is excellent for sensitive skin, as it has zero aroma, contains natural anti-inflammatory properties, and has tremendous benefits for the skins health. It is naturally detoxifying, purifying, and healing. We use biodegradable materials for each body wrap, never using plastic or unsustainable sources. 


Our healing Bentonite Mineral Mud is massaged into the skin using lymphatic circulating movements towards the heart. Once the mud is applied, the body is cocooned to stimulate warmth and increase mineral absorption. While the nutrient-rich mask melts into the body, a foot and scalp massage is performed to deepen your relaxation. 

Purify | Nourish | Cleanse

$190 - 45 minutes 



The "California" of our body wraps:
a hydrating Lemon Verbena scrub nourishes the entire body, then applying a layer of Matcha Mud that offers skin offering 
anti-inflammatory benefits.
The body is then cocooned in a biodegradable wrap to encourage pores to open and ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin. Your body and mind will be West Coastin'. 

Repair | Potent Antioxidants | Refresh

$220 - 60 minutes

(75 minutes total with shower)


Starting with a Coffee Scrub that invigorates, and increases circulation. 

Our buttery Bentonite Clay Mud is then layered with the coffee scrub to the entire body. As the dynamic duo of Coffee + Cacao Mud treatment rests on the skin, a foot and scalp massage is performed. 

Invigorate | Decadent | Detoxify

$210 - 60 minutes (75 minutes total with shower)


A West Coast Must: CBD therapies meet Mud. There is truly nothing that matches this experience, of butter Bentonite Clay infused with CBD oils. This treatment is deeply healing and has therapeutic properties with full body exfoliation with a Lemon Verbena Scrub, followed by Cause+Medic high-grade CBD and our signature bentonite clay mud. 

Anti-Inflammatory | Healing | Therapeutic

$220 - 60 minutes (75 minutes total with shower)


CBD, Seaweed - It doesn't get more Californian than this. A local CBD scrub from Coastal Grown Apothecary is used from feet to neck, followed by a deeply hydrating, detoxifying, and healing body wrap that eliminates water retention, nourishes, and remineralizes the skin and body through absorption of nutrients of seaweed. While the body is wrapped, a anti-aging mask is applied, while cooling rollers soothe the skin, and a scalp massage. Completed with reflexology for the feet. Unraveling the wrap, and left to shower, and apply Seaweed Lotion to further infuse the skin with nutrients. 

Detoxifying | Hydrating | Remineralizing

$250 - 75 minutes

(90 minutes total with shower)

Facial Massage


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A relaxing traditional facial using the purest source of plant essence, infused deep within the surface of the skin to reveal your most vibrant complexion. 

$200 - 60 minutes


Using plant stem-cells, peptides, toning and contouring facial techniques and micro-current technologies to lift and tone. This facial treatment is highly hydrating, and restoring to skins acid mantle and protective barrier. 

$280 - 90 minutes


A relaxing combination of upper body massage (neck, arms, and shoulders) paired with a mini-facial using Blue Beautifly Organic Skincare alongside our signature Bentonite Clay Mud Mask to nourish and heal the skin.

90 min includes a full body massage.

60 minutes $235 | 90 minutes $295


Lifting, firming, and contouring facial that brings holistic and productive wellness into one.
The combination of Gua Sha: is an ancient healing technique where we bring about a fundamental change in the skin by clearing blockages, creating space and movement in the underlying structures, so that the skin can function better - alongside Buccal Massage: internal jaw massage techniques that release tension within the face, and jaw. 

90 minutes $320


A beautiful combination of honey and ginger to indulge the skin with healing remedies. A fully personalized facial, with the benefits of a honey mask for facial massage that stimulates circulation, and promotes radiance through increasing oxygen with the influx of blood flow to the facial region. Throughout the facial, massage techniques of hand, arm, neck, shoulder, and scalp massage with our warmed Honey Ginger oil is used to further reduce inflammation, increase relaxation, and soothe the senses. 

60 minutes $245 | 90 minutes $305

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facial enhancements



Micro-current stimulates the production of adenosine triphosphate (ATP)​, that lifts and tones the facial muscle. 

$60 - 30 minutes

Nourishes hair follicles with its unique blend of herbal extracts used by Ayurveda and TCM (Amalaki, Rosemary, Peppermint oils), while its omega-rich oils condition the scalp, hair follicles, and strands.

$45 - 15 minutes


an ancient healing technique where we bring about a fundamental change in the skin by clearing blockages, creating space and movement in the underlying structures, so that the skin can function better.

$50 - 30 minutes

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energetic health.


With Stacy Smith

Reiki | Aura Healing | Massage


Reiki enhances your overall well-being by assisting in the reduction of stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as chronic pain. This calming methodology can help in addiction recovery by bringing energy balance into the body, de-stressing the mind and spirit, and providing a greater sense of control. Often, it can make you feel more centered and capable of meeting the challenges and demands of life more effectively.

This non-invasive technique, used in conjunction with other healing therapies, allows you to become the observer, rather than the participant, in your trauma. This can help one to more clearly understand past behaviors or unresolved issues without being blocked by fear.

$320 - 100 minutes

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energetic health.

Please note:

Our energetic healing treatments are only available upon the practitioners schedule and availability.

As these treatments have a specialty factor, there is a pre-consultion process upon booking to ensure this is a suitable treatment for you.


Sunday - 9-5 PM
Monday - 9-5 PM
Tuesday - Closed 
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Thursday - 9-5 PM
Friday 9-7 PM

Saturday 9-7 PM

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