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Seasonal and special offerings that are highlighted experiences

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Mud + Massage

60 minute Get Dirty Mud Body Wrap
60 minute Swedish Massage

Commencing with our healing, warmed bentonite mud applied to the whole body. The body is then cocooned, and wrapped in layers to promote warmth, and opening the skins pores to welcome nutrients and benefits from the healing mud. While wrapped, enjoy a scalp, neck, shoulder massage, completed with reflexology of the feet.

$340.00 (120 minutes total)

Facial Massage

Sea-BD Love

90 minute California roll Body Wrap

60 minute CBD Swedish Massage

For the CBD and Sea lovers: combining the healing remedies of pacific sea salt and CBD scrub, with the hydrating and detoxifying wonders of seaweed gel. The body moves through a renewal process with the California Roll body wrap. Followed by a healing, and anti-inflammatory CBD Swedish massage to further soothe, calm, and restore.

$410 (150 minutes)

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