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T R U E     B L I S S 

back to simplicity
back to nature
back to your true self. 

Back Massage

Napa Valley Wellness

Our Spa and Menu is designed with your unique wellness intentions in mind. Our highly trained and experienced spa concierge and team will build your wellness experience surrounding your specific desires to create memorable moments of bliss.

We use local reputable brands that have high standards of quality, eco
-conscious values, and nourishing products. 

Bringing true intention, authenticity, and expression to your wellness experience.

Classic Calistoga Charm

WELLNESS EXPERIENCES and RITUALS vary from body wraps, mud treatments, skin health facials, and massage techniques that you will only find at True Spa Calistoga. 

We welcome you to a safe space created for your unique spa desires, and wellness expressions.


Featured Treatments

Every one of our TRUE TREATMENTS has been created with expertise and experience to calm and connect the body and the mind.

Whether you choose a single spa treatment, or a combination of Body Treatment, Body Wrap, Facial, or Ritual - we ensure 
you will feel deeply relaxed, elevated, and centered.


Warm honey ginger

Pamper your senses with warmed and natural Honey + Ginger.
Naturally anti-inflammatory and eases muscle tension.

CBD Relief

Cause + Medic high grade CBD massage oil. Deeply relieving, therapeutic, and anti-inflammatory benefits that has an cooling and invigorating effect on the skin for additional relief. 

Lemon Matcha
Body Wrap

The "California" of our body wraps:
a hydrating Lemon Verbena scrub nourishes the entire body, then applying a layer of Matcha Mud that offers skin offering anti-inflammatory benefits.


Comforting and nourishing full body massage that uses plant essences to benefit the body in various ways. Choosing between Lavender, Eucalyptus or Lemon. 

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