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the art of wellbeing.

Colliding both worlds of art and wellness into our sacred spa space; from the inspirations of nature. We carefully curate and design all treatments, and the overall spa experience to hold great attention to detail, integrity, authentic 
interactions, and exceptional service. 

We use local reputable brands that have high standards of quality, sustainable ingredients, 
-conscious values,
and nourishing products.


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the powers of touch.

Our seasoned team of massage therapists, and estheticians hold a deep level of passion and purpose to every single one of our treatments, and individual guests needs. 

We welcome you to a safe and tranquil space to highlight the importance, and powers of touch. 


Featured Treatments

Every one of our TRUE TREATMENTS has been created with expertise and experience to calm and connect the body and the mind.

Whether you choose a single spa treatment, or a combination of Body Treatment, Body Wrap, Facial, or Ritual - we ensure 
you will feel deeply relaxed, elevated, and centered.

Warm honey ginger

Pamper your senses with warmed and natural Honey + Ginger.
Naturally anti-inflammatory and eases muscle tension.


A sculpting, contouring, and hydrating facial that focuses on facial massage techniques to release tension within the jaw, and facial muscles. Includes Gua Sha and Buccal facial massage techniques. 

Lemon Matcha
Body Wrap

The "California" of our body wraps:
a hydrating Lemon Verbena scrub nourishes the entire body, then applying a layer of Matcha Mud that offers skin offering anti-inflammatory benefits.


Relying on the bodies intuitive choice through the senses. Three aromatherapy options are presented blindly, requesting the body to decide on the plant essences that resonate the most. 

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